Electrical Renovation

From Switchboard Upgrades to Smoke Alarm Replacement, Rely on GMA Electrical Upgrades

Whether you’re making small improvements to your home in preparation for selling or are about to embark on a renovation project, upgrading your electrical fixtures, components, and appliances is the best way to maintain safety and improve functionality in your home or workplace.


Electrical upgrades provide a number of benefits:


Most importantly, upgrading faulty or damaged fixtures improves safety in your home, protecting your family and assets from the risks associated with damaged electrical components.


In addition to improving your safety, you’ll improve functionality, too. And that makes a household or business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Whether the kids are whining about slow internet speeds or electrical issues are impacting the day-to-day running of your business, these upgrades have a direct impact on the functionality of your property.

Resale value

If you are thinking about selling your property in the future, even the smallest electrical installation and upgrades around the home can have a big impact on increasing the value of your home.

Modern fixtures and features are an attractive selling point for buyers, removing any hesitation that they will need to spring for urgent repairs later down the road.


Let there be light! Lighting is an important part of any room of the home, whether you need to focus on a single task at hand or want to create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

led lighting

LED Lighting

Discover the power of LED.

We love educating clients on all the fantastic benefits of LED lighting, including longer-lasting globes, increased energy-efficient, and better lighting output.

If your home is still fitted with old halogen lighting, speak to GMA today to learn more about LED downlight installation.

Save money, energy, and the environment with this efficient lighting solution.

dimmer switches

Dimmer Switches

A simple yet effective feature in many rooms of the home, a dimmer switch allows users to control the strength of the light to best suit the task at hand.

So whether you’re focusing on a new recipe in the kitchen, relaxing on a Saturday night in front of the TV, or entertaining guests, choose the right lighting to suit your mood and the task at hand.

Dimmer switches are a simple and modern touch to your rooms.

accent lighting

Accent & Task Lighting

Accent lighting is a room’s ambient lighting, providing general illumination and brightness.

Task lighting, on the other hand, is designed for a particular area and makes performing a particular task easier, such as strip lighting in the kitchen to illuminate a benchtop without creating shadows.

Both are important to varying degrees, depending on the room of the house.

Other important upgrades around the home:

Switchboard upgrades

If you have an older switchboard, it’s more likely to struggle with overload, as these devices in the past were not built to withstand today’s modern and energy-hungry lifestyle.

Signs of an old or malfunctioning switchboard include charred or discoloured switches, a burning smell, flickering lights in the home, or circuit breakers that keep tripping.

And one of the most obvious signs? You’ve added circuits as your home’s electrical system has grown, and now you’re running out of space on the actual switchboard itself!

switchboard upgrades
smoke alarm repairs

Smoke alarms

The most important device in your home, your smoke alarm is your first – and often only – defence when it comes to fire.

Most smoke alarms are designed to last ten years, so if you can’t remember the last time your device was upgraded, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. We provide smoke alarm replacement as well as inspections and routine testing for both battery-operated and hard-wired smoke alarms.

Home appliances

As almost any home appliance ages, it becomes more prone to wear and tear, can start driving up running costs, and simply falls behind its more modern and energy-efficient counterparts.

If your older appliances are costing you more in service and repairs (and your quarterly power bills!) consider upgrading. Start with the biggest and most energy-hungry appliances and systems, such as your HVAC, dishwasher, and washing machine.

home applicance
ceiling fans sq

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an economical and effective feature to add to your home. Used in common areas like the living room as well as bedrooms, ceiling fans instantly add comfort and can be used in both summer and winter (spinning in opposite directions).

A ceiling fan doesn’t change the temperature of a room; rather, circulating the air can help to instantly cool (or warm) you, making it a fantastic solution to keep you comfortable, particularly overnight when you mightn’t want to run your air conditioning.


Whether you’re expanding for a growing family, improving aesthetics and functionality in certain rooms in the home, or are looking to increase the sale value of your property, renovations can be a worthwhile adventure.

Any room of the home can be worth remodelling, however, the two most popular spaces where homeowners seek improvement are the kitchen and bathroom.


Kitchen renovation

Modernise the floorplan and appliances and improve flow, functionality, and design in the kitchen.

Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen has the potential to attract buyers and boost your home’s value, should you wish to sell in the future.

Bathroom renovation

Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is regarded as one of the most important rooms in the home.

Improve its look and function with modern fixtures, clean lines, improved ventilation, better lighting, and plenty of storage to enjoy a better space, every single day.

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